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Here's the deal. I got into this really cool writing class for this summer. One week working closely with Orson Scott Card and fifteen other people who got into the class.

Uncle Orson's Literary Bootcamp

Problem is this class is a bit on the expensive side. So I need to make some cash rather quick. To facilitate this I am opening commissions. Yes I know I have no fans and my art isn't a big hit around here but it doesn't hurt to try.

Here's the run down:

All art will be traditional medium (Pencil, Pen, Pen and Ink, markers on paper). Which will be scanned and cleaned up before being sent to the commissioner. I don't own a tablet so digital stuff is fairly limited. If the person ordering the art would like the original this too can be arranged but the buyer will have to pay for shipping.

EDIT: Let me point out what I mean by character. Just about anything. So long as you give me some good reference pictures.

Fandoms I am a bit more familiar with:
Harry Potter, Fables, Bleach, Venture Bros, Warmachine, Full Metal Alchemist.

I am willing to attempt original characters if you can provide enough reference.

Single character pencil $2
Single character pencil w background $4
Extra characters +$2 per character

Single character pen and ink $5
Single character w background pen and ink $7
Extra characters +$3 per character

Single character marker $10
Single character w background marker $12
Extra characters +$5 per character

Payment: I can only accept PayPal.

To order either comment here or email me and we'll discuss the terms.

Realized I should show some examples of my work:

- My comic Insomniac Theater
- My Deviant Art
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